About Us

Feeding a growing population is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. According to the FAO, food production must increase 50% globally and 200% in developing countries by 2030. We at Plastomics believe our technology can significantly improve the way that biotechnology is used to deliver higher-yielding seeds to the farmers who are feeding the planet. The products created during the first phase of the biotech revolution helped growers produce more food than ever before with less environmental impact. However, those engineering technologies were developed more than 20 years ago and can no longer keep up with the needs of today’s farmers. Plastomics’ platform technology provides solutions for the many current industry challenges: highly efficient trait stacking, decreased time and cost to market, more effective trait dose, simplified breeding, and elimination of outcrossing to weeds or neighboring fields. The solutions Plastomics’ technology brings results in higher yielding crops to meet the needs of the growing planet.

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