NATURAL EFFICIENCY Plastomics is developing a novel trait delivery technology that places beneficial traits in the chloroplast of plant cells, rather than the nucleus.  The chloroplast derives energy from the sun during the process of photosynthesis, enabling higher expression of Plastomics’ traits, increasing their beneficial properties. Plastomics creates crops that can better withstand the pressure of insects, diseases and weeds while delivering higher yields. Using Plastomics’ technology will give seed companies the benefits of simplified product development, more effective products and new market opportunities.

Simplified Product Development

Better Products

New Market Opportunities

Product development is simplified with Plastomics’ trait delivery platform, which allows for precise trait insertion, easy trait stacking and significantly reduced complexity and time in the breeding cycle. With less time required for trait introgression, products are launched faster into the market.

Better products are created with Plastomics’ platform. Chloroplasts are abundant in all plant cells, so trait dose is higher than with traditional nuclear trait delivery. Higher trait dosing results in more effective products with longer product life cycles. New modes-of-action such as RNAi traits are effective when delivered via Plastomics’ platform. Maternal inheritance of chloroplast traits eliminates yield drag during the trait integration process, creating varieties with higher yield potential.

Trait flow via pollen doesn’t occur when using Plastomics’ trait delivery technology. Elimination of the regulatory and environmental concerns related to trait outcrossing creates new disruptive market opportunities to deliver biotech traits to crops such as sorghum, sunflower and rice.


THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Trait delivery in the chloroplast is also well suited for modification of photosynthetic pathways to increase yield as well as metabolic pathway engineering to deliver crops with enhanced nutrition.  Future product development will focus on these and other crop improvements.